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A Proactive Approach to Health

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At Bend, we like to take a proactive approach to our patient’s care. The goal of disease prevention and health optimization is to take action before you experience symptoms.  This not only aids injury prevention, but can enhance longevity.  Most people are familiar with this concept while fewer successfully apply this idea to their personal health regimen. You probably take your car in for a tune up regularly, but have never considered giving yourself the same type of care.

At Bend our, we offer individualized proactive treatment options in an effort to keep our patient’s healthy and happy. If you qualify, your medical provider will design a customized program to help keep you active and more resistant to injury. One of the main goals of our proactive therapy program is to combat  inflammation.  Inflammation is a leading cause of pain, soft tissue and joint injuries—including osteoarthritis.[1]  By addressing joint inflammation directly, we can be more successful not only slowing its progress, but also reversing degenerative changes that may have occurred and improving function.

At Bend, we know that every patient is unique and do not take a one-size-fits-all approach.  Of course, if you have a significant injury or problem area, know that you have several treatment options available.  Our medical providers will develop protocols depending upon your needs.


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