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James Epolito

Chief Operations Officer

James has been in the Regenerative Medicine space for 7 years. He has been the key-note speaker at more than 300 regenerative medicine seminars throughout the state of Florida. He is passionate about the capabilities of Regeranerative Medicine as he avoided spinal fusion as well as knee surgery utilizing the very medical technologies he teaches the community about. He brings knowledge and integrity to the medical world and loves to see others lives change without the use of drugs, steroids, or surgery. James grew up in the world of Athletics and has a deep knowledge of exercise and nutrition. Outside of BEND James is a dedicated father of 4 girls and 1 boy! Yes, he finally built a boy! He believes that we can all live more by aging less!
This has been life changing for me. I cannot express how happy I am i found Bend.
Theo D.
Boca Raton
What an amazing experience. Such a great staff.
Tanya O.
Delray Beach
My knee pain is dramatically improved since my Bend experience.
Karen A.
Palm Beach


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