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Bend is the first provider dedicated to a full spectrum of non-surgical treatment options for knee pain treatment in Florida. Knee pain can have causes related to sports such as tennis, pickleball and athletic injuries sustained from casual games of golf. Knee pain also routinely stems from causes that include heavy physical activity, lack of use, injuries such as sprains or strains or sitting in a constrained area.

Our highly trained team of joint movement specialists has developed proprietary protocols for the effective knee pain treatment. Each Bend patient receives an individualized treatment plan designed with a variety of factors in mind. Every therapy we offer is minimally invasive and can help you avoid surgery, stop unnecessary knee pain, and drastically shorten knee pain recovery time.

Bend Joint Health’s comprehensive knee pain treatment plan offers effective knee pain therapy, promoting healing and avoiding the need for meniscus repair.

Get effective Knee Pain Therapy or knee pain treatment in Florida. Our comprehensive knee pain treatment plans are designed to alleviate discomfort and improve your knee health. Whether you’re dealing with arthritis, ligament injuries, or general knee pain, we have tailored solutions for you. Explore various knee pain therapy in Florida, including physical therapy, injections, and surgical options.

One of our specialized treatments is Meniscus Repair, a minimally invasive procedure to mend damaged knee cartilage. Our expert team ensures you receive personalized care and the latest advancements in knee pain management. Say goodbye to knee pain and regain your mobility with Bend – Joint Health Fast. Your journey to healthier knees starts here.


Over 600,000 Knee Replacements per year in the US

1 in 5 (20%) of patients report being dissatisfied with results (over 120,000 a year!)

Up to 1/3rd of patients report continued chronic pain following surgery (over 150,000 a year!)

Failure rate of 10% within first ten years post-op, 20% twenty years post-op

Up to 1/3rd of knee-replacement recipients should never have received the operation


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