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Enhanced Inflammation Linked to Biotin Deficiency

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Biotin is one of the nine water-soluble vitamins the body needs for optimal health. Water-soluble vitamins are stored in the water of your body, the bloodstream, and anything not needed by the body is eliminated via urine. Certain health conditions, dietary restrictions, or lifestyle circumstances may even limit the body’s ability to get certain vitamins and as a result the body functions poorly.  Since these water-soluble vitamins don’t last long in the body, they need to be replenished frequently. A great way to replenish vitamins in the body is through IV hydration or vitamin therapy.

The collection of B vitamins that includes biotin, or B7, promotes proper functioning of the body through formation of red blood cells.  Cell growth is important for overall health, but biotin also influences blood sugar levels, cognitive function, cholesterol levels and inflammation. Optimal biotin levels can improve conditions ranging from diabetes to nerve pain. While episodic and intention inflammation can promote cell regeneration and healing, ongoing inflammation linked to vitamin deficiencies has a negative impact on the body and could be positively influenced and improved through IV hydration vitamin therapy.


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